Committee Overview:

NHSMUN’s philosophy on crisis-oriented committees is that all crisis elements should contribute to a student’s understanding of the body being simulated. Therefore, we strive to simulate only UN bodies, governments, and other important international organizations. In these committees, delegates are challenged not only to have a strong understanding of the topic at hand and their assigned role in it, but also to be creative and flexible as confounding problems arise. By having delegates think critically about how their body would react to different crises, delegates strengthen their appreciation for the decision making that takes place within these bodies. This committee will simulate SIGINT Seniors Europe (SSEUR). SSEUR is an intelligence alliance with the purpose of sharing military signals intelligence with all members. Originally founded during the Cold War to encourage information sharing against the Soviet bloc, members of this alliance are heads of military intelligence from mostly NATO countries and share intelligence with all members during crises as well as information about potential threats to members.

Topic: Combating Cyber-Attacks in Cyberspace

The member intelligence agencies of SIGINT Seniors Europe (SSEUR) learn new surveillance techniques from each other, in order to enhance every state’s information-gathering ability. Today, SSEUR is most preoccupied with the rise of cyber-attacks on key pieces of national infrastructure among the represented countries. Cyber-attacks have impacted SSEUR countries differently due to their different national policies on internet and technology regulation, but they represent a threat to every government, its economy, and its citizens. Delegates in this committee will work together to prevent and handle cyber-attacks on member states and must consider counterintelligence operations and opposing cyberattacks. Delegates will also need to consider how much information to share with their allies, weighing the benefits of a unified front against cyber-attacks with the need to safeguard each state’s most important secrets.

Committee Details