Who We Are

We started out as college students who liked to get together and solve the world's problems, but in 1974 we decided to focus on developing a program for high school students. The next year, we held the first National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) conference. After a few years, we realized that one conference was not enough, so we formed IMUNA. Today, we run nearly a dozen conferences and programs around the world, continue to build the web's largest place for MUN resources, sponsor international partnerships in 3 continents, and are recognized as a consultative NGO by the United Nations.

What We Do

Running Conferences
Solving Global Issues
Conducting Research
Training World Leaders

What is IMUNA?

All volunteer staff

Students from around the world teaching other students

Educational Resources

Up your MUN game with our research archive and country profiles.


Meet and connect with other MUN delegates and faculty advisers.


3 days of world-class problem solving at the world's largest High School MUN Conference in New York City, USA


MUN movie night in NYC? Or would you rather visit the consulate of Nepal?


Get ahead in your professional career by getting involved with MUN.

Solutions you can bring home

We digitally publish all your resolutions at the end of each conference.


Experience 21st-century MUN.


Our volunteer staff help keep our costs as low as possible, to make sure our conferences are affordable to our attendees.
Have a question? Comment? Compliment? Tell us. Email us anytime directly at info@imuna.org.
Whether you are a faculty adviser looking to start an MUN program at your school, a delegate looking to hone their diplomacy, or simply interested in global issues education, our site has something for you. IMUNA.org is the premier web portal for global issues education and MUN research. Check out our country profiles, research archive, or exclusive Faculty Lounge for more information.