Background Guides for NHSMUN 2022 are here!

The official NHSMUN 2022 Background Guides are here! After a rigorous months-long process of vetting, researching, and writing about the NHSMUN 2022 topics, we are proud to announce that our final background guides (BGs) are ready to be viewed. This year’s topic slate and committees feature some of the most innovative simulations that NHSMUN has ever offered. Not only are we offering several never-before simulated committees, but our committee directors have also selected some of the world’s most pressing, engaging, and timely topics.


Since May, our expert directors from across the globe have worked tirelessly to select topics that present some of the world’s most significant challenges. At NHSMUN, we take great pride in the academic caliber of our committees and their corresponding background guides. These guides serve as valuable educational tools that will provide delegates with a comprehensive understanding of the major contours of their topics. Our directors undergo extensive rounds of writing and revisions to produce polished pieces of academic writing that we believe will form a solid foundation for delegates as they embark upon their research journeys.


NHSMUN’s background guides form the backbone of our educational mission. This year’s topics run the gamut from regional humanitarian issues to intractable global conflicts that have stumped the world’s leading experts in policy and diplomacy. Our BGs are reflective of the world’s greatest challenges today. From the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the global inequities borne from it, to the ravages of systemic racism and the existential threat of climate change, this year’s background guides offer delegates a complete immersion into international affairs.


We are thrilled to present the background guides, and we cannot wait to see how our delegates will interact with these topics at NHSMUN in March. For more information on our committees and to view our full background guides, please visit our committees page.

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