NHSMUN-MX Training and Preparation

NHSMUN-MX is thrilled to offer students and teachers an expansive schedule of optional pre-conference programming. These weekly sessions will not only prepare delegates and teachers for the conference, but will also introduce them to ways that Model UN can enrich delegates outside of conferences. No other conference offers such a wide array of opportunities for students and teachers to learn from Model UN experts and global leaders.


The delegate sessions will have something to offer for beginner and experienced participants alike. The first week will focus on the rules of procedure and how debate is run, but further sessions will show students new avenues for conducting MUN research and creating strategies to succeed in committee. Between delegate sessions, we will also feature an array of talented guest speakers that will show students how their creativity can create positive change in the world, not just their MUN committee. Delegates are sure to leave NHSMUN-MX with a better understanding of the world, and most importantly, their place in it.


Faculty advisors will be offered their own training sessions. Some of these sessions may overlap with delegate training sessions, such as our training on using real UN resources when researching for MUN committees. However, teachers will also have their own dedicated sessions about how MUN can be used in their classrooms regardless of what subjects they teach. We will keep a keen focus on the IB curriculum, as the skills and pedagogy employed by MUN fit naturally within the IB framework.


If you cannot attend a session, we will make recordings available on our website.