Apply to join the NHSMUN 2025 Staff!

Click here to download the NHSMUN 2025 Assistant Director Application.


NHSMUN 2024 was an incredible experience, and the creativity, ingenuity, and eloquence of our delegates were on full display. Although the conference only just ended, we are already planning for NHSMUN 2025. To make next year’s conference possible, we are going to need a team of the best and most passionate MUN experts from around the world. Please read below to find out how to apply to join our staff. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


Assistant Directors (ADs) are integral to the continued success of NHSMUN. They work with our talented directors to create content for the world’s premier Model United Nations experience, meet driven students from all over the globe, and see NHSMUN from a completely new perspective. At NHSMUN, we welcome all students in any major, from any school, living anywhere in the world to be a part of our team. As long as you have an interest in Model United Nations and a passion for international relations, you are invited to apply to serve on our volunteer staff. With more than 200 team members over two sessions, there is an incredibly diverse set of personalities, interests, and experiences at NHSMUN!


If you are currently a high school senior who will soon be graduating (or have recently graduated) or a first or second-year college student, you are eligible to apply to join our staff as an Assistant Director for NHSMUN 2025. Applicants should, first and foremost, be passionate about Model UN and diplomacy! The position of Assistant Director is an excellent way to continue with Model UN in college. NHSMUN will teach you to hone your research, leadership, and critical thinking skills in new ways beyond participating as a delegate. Regardless of your Model UN background, what unites our team is a desire to make NHSMUN the largest and most rewarding educational conference in the world. If you join our staff, you can count on making incredible friends and memories that will last a lifetime. We hope that you will join us on the exciting adventure of NHSMUN!


If you are interested in joining our staff as an Assistant Director, please submit an application by June 15, 2024. CLICK HERE to download the Assistant Director Application. If you have any questions about the Assistant Director position, the difference between substantive or administrative positions, or anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to welcome you to our team!